4 Interesting Instagram Video Content Ideas to Increase Audience Engagement

Though Instagram began as a photo-sharing app, video content has already surpassed photos as the most engaging type of content on the platform. With over one billion active users, Instagram can help you keep one step ahead of your competition. 60% of Instagram users discover new items in this way, while 80% of users follow at least one company account. As a result of this increased interaction, over 25 million businesses utilize Instagram to boost their marketing efforts. Generally, videos are not brutal to develop, and the following procedures will provide you with fascinating ideas for creating video content that will increase audience engagement.

4 Ideas For Instagram Video Content

1. Use Teaser Videos to Promote Your Content

Teaser films are brief videos highlighting one of your most recent articles, an upcoming live event, or an introduction to a new product. The brief videos perform better & entertainingly deliver unexpected outcomes. Because uploading a lengthy video to Instagram is not feasible, create a short video describing your long movie and share it on the Instagram feed or stories, along with a link to the full video in the description. 

2. Use Reel Videos to Engage Your Audiences

Instagram launched the Reel function to keep consumers engaged and entertained. Reels are a short film of around 15 seconds in length in which you may showcase your unique abilities through creative content. You may use this tool to reach out to new audiences in addition to your existing following by creating unique and popular content. It is a location where you can deliver higher-quality content in a relatively short period.

You may create a video that provides valuable information or entertains your viewers. For instance, you might select the food section, educate your viewers about culinary recipes, and get high Instagram reels views to increase engagement with your reel. Similarly, implementing these concepts increases engagement by increasing the number of reel likes for the exciting video. The reel videos will be accessible via the explore page at the bottom of the feed; there will be a reel symbol there, and you may enjoy watching reels and gaining creative inspiration.

3. Video Tutorials Using IGTV

Making tutorial films is a fantastic method to demonstrate how your product works and use it for your audience. Due to the length of the video required, Instagram has a tool called IGTV (Instagram TV), where you may upload a lengthy video. Your IGTV video will provide extensive information about your goods. Produce innovative how-to videos for your product and increase engagement by attracting your audience to your video.

An exciting training video that includes some additional suggestions for your audience may help you improve your sales and build brand confidence in your product. For instance, if your product is connected to table accessories, you might create a video showing how to set up a small office in a small area using your table product. The audience will learn how to utilize tiny spaces and purchase your goods due to this film. Similarly, creating videos with valuable hints may help get Instagram TV views and connect the audience with your business.

4. Take Your Audience Behind The Scenes

The most effective method to earn your audience’s trust is to show them what goes on behind the scenes of the business. These films can help you establish a positive relationship with your consumers and improve brand recognition, allowing you to reach a wider audience. 

Final Thoughts

Making unique videos is a critical method to engage the audience on Instagram. Videos may significantly aid in the growth of your marketing plan. Establish an Instagram presence to capture your audience’s interest & convert them into prospective customers. 

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