Finding original material to share on social media as a small business can be challenging. When it comes to social media, product-based companies confront the opposite dilemma of service-based companies: what else should they be talking about outside their products?

If you own a business that sells tangible goods and you’re having difficulties thinking of Instagram posts to share, you’ve come to the right place! It’s fantastic to publish photographs of your items, but it’s much better to provide a wide range of material.

7 Instagram post concepts for your product-oriented company

Highlight your packaging

Bringing your brand to life through packaging is a lot of fun when you run a product-based firm. After going to such great lengths to provide a positive unpacking experience for your consumers, why not brag about it on Instagram?

Instagram is all about the visuals, so use it as inspiration for your mood boards. Present a little brand mood board. Gather a handful of images that capture the essence of your brand, then throw together a collage. Both your Feed and Stories might benefit from this brilliant concept.
You may show off more than just the final result by including photos of your materials and processes. Taking pictures of the materials or equipment you use in your product-based business makes for fantastic Instagram content since it gives customers a glimpse into your creative process and sparks conversation around making.
Take photographs of your stuff from extremely close range. This is a great strategy for companies selling tangible goods with unique or unusual textures.

Behind the scenes

Fifth, let your consumers see how the banger is made by inviting them behind the scenes. Whether you’re packing, updating your website, or making new items, share videos and photographs of your daily routine. Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories are perfect platforms for this kind of material.

Your daily job necessities

As a business owner, you put in long hours and have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. How can you maximise your productivity on a hectic workday? Make a flat-lay snapshot of your desk with all of your work necessities laid out and share it on Instagram.

Interests besides work

Tell me about some of your favourite pastimes. Tell your consumers about some of your favourite pastimes so they may get to know you better. This will not only make your company more approachable and intriguing to potential customers, but it will also offer you with some quick and simple material for Instagram.

Laugh out loud!

There is no shortage of witty memes, quips, and tweets online; why not share some of this stuff with your followers on Instagram? If you can find a way to make this material relevant to your brand, all the better. It’s also malleable, so you can brand it in your own image. Be sure to offer proper attribution if you’re going to use someone else’s tweet or quotation.

What’s the best way to show people how fantastic your items are without saying that they are great in a video? Create a film demonstrating the quality of your goods. Instagram videos showcasing product features and benefits are a must if you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with images of your wares.
When you have finished making some excellent promotional films, post them to your Feed, Reels, and Stories! Check out Boosted for simple, editable video templates you can use to promote your business, even if you lack professional video editing skills.

Inspirational quotations

One of the simplest forms of content to generate and publish regularly on Instagram is inspirational quotations. Gather your favourite quotations into a cohesive Instagram post consisting of a photo or video. You might even make it a weekly tradition, giving your audience something to look forward to on the same day every week.

Tell me about yourself

Have you stopped introducing yourself to your clients for a while? You’ve probably gained a lot of new followers on Instagram in the previous year, and some of them may not yet know anything about you. Post a picture of yourself, some interesting facts about yourself, and the background story behind your items.