We wrote an article last week on Facebook’s new Live Audio feature, whereby we speculated that audio would prove to be an efficient medium for disseminating promotional materials like eBooks, interviews, and announcements. Because there are no moving images to distract from the audio, the speaker may concentrate on the words themselves, and the audience can take in the information in their heads while engaged in other activities.

Perhaps audio will take the lead in content marketing in the future, but as of right now, it’s quite evident that video accounts for the vast majority of internet traffic and interaction on Facebook. In addition, video has no equal when it comes to spreading rapidly online. Due to the increased sensory stimulation provided by video, it is becoming increasingly important for B2B marketers to provide content that can be quickly absorbed by their target audience.

The Importance of Subtitling Videos

To illustrate, consider the last time you watched a video on Facebook; maybe you were on public transportation and had to watch it silently. In fact, eighty-five percent of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Strange as it may seem, your viewers should be able to watch videos whenever and whenever they choose, and they shouldn’t miss a thing.

On top of that, it increases the number of people that can watch your fantastic videos. Keep in mind that not everyone who views your films is a native English speaker with flawless hearing. Subtitles or captions may be the deciding factor in whether or not a potential viewer watches your video.

Is Facebook’s Caption Generator Worth It, and How Do I Use It to Caption Videos?

To help those who want to watch movies without sound, Facebook has a built-in tool called the Caption Generator. Words are recognised and transcribed mechanically by the speech recognition software. Despite the fact that the technology isn’t perfect just yet, it saves you time by letting you quickly create captions and then change them right in Facebook.

The Time for Serious Videogaming Has Arrived!

Facebook is putting in a lot of work to better promote your video content through its algorithm, which might have a devastating effect on your other marketing efforts. Facebook clearly values video content above text postings, as seen by the fact that videos will automatically play when a user clicks on one.

It is possible to grow your audience on Facebook by catering your content to the social media platform’s algorithm. Also, making videos will result in many more Facebook shares. As recently reported by Buzzsumo, video is currently the most effective kind of content strategy.

It’s not hard to see the truth. In order to raise awareness of your business, you should produce more videos and distribute them online (especially on Facebook). But it’s not enough to just make a video; you need to make one that will appeal to and provide value to your target audience. It’s important for B2B marketers to look back at what’s worked in the past and replicate that content in video form.