Did you know that videos could be the single most effective method at your disposal for completely conquering Instagram? In fact, data shows that videos garner 38% more interaction than photos do. Instagram Live’s rising popularity is evidence that people enjoy viewing videos. Take advantage of Instagram Live if you’re a brand looking to get the attention of your target audience. Here are ten guidelines for broadcasting on Instagram in real time.

Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram Live

There are a lot of brands on Instagram right now, all trying to get your attention. You need to improve your Instagram technique if you want to grab the attention of your target audience. Videos are a great way to get people interested, but that isn’t all there is to it.

Using Instagram Live is one of the most efficient methods to show them off to your audience. Instagram live streaming should be a component of your content strategy. Let me explain why.

Streaming videos are a great way to interact with your viewers

Scheduling posts on Instagram is a common practise for reaching a large following. However, the live videos allow for a more intimate interaction.

While comments and DMs are great ways to interact with Instagram users, nothing surpasses having a live conversation with them using Instagram Live. It’s a great tool for getting to know your listeners on a deeper level.

The Feed Now Includes Real-Time Videos

The number of companies (and individuals) making Instagram Stories is growing rapidly. As a result, competing with other brands for the limited real estate at the top of your followers’ feeds can be challenging. If you go live, though, your Stories material will be prioritised and more people will see your brand.

When you go live, your audience will be notified automatically

Going live on Instagram also has the cool side effect of alerting your followers (who have alerts enabled) that you’re about to go live. You’ll need to be quick and resourceful if you want your brand promotion efforts on this platform to be successful.

Instagram Live allows you to do just that. To help you prepare for your Instagram live broadcast, we’ve compiled a list of considerations.

13 Pointers For Streaming On Instagram

Choose Why You’re Doing This

Tony Robbins claims that wasting time on meaningless pursuits is counterproductive. Before beginning a live broadcast on Instagram, you need to figure out why you’re doing it.

Your program’s structure will be determined by its intended use. You can’t start filming an Instagram Live video without first having a goal in mind.

Market, Market, Market

Your live video’s quality is irrelevant if no one is watching it. Like any other live event, this one requires advertising to reach the target audience and fill the desired number of seats.
Make some advertisements or teasers to share on your Instagram page. Be sure to inform them of the live event’s date, time (and time zone), and benefits.

Explain the Benefits

If you want people to tune in to your live video, you’ll need to convince them of the benefits of doing so. Offer them an incentive to join your cause. Some instances are provided below.

Propose Unique Discounts

During the time that your Instagram live video is being broadcast, you can offer viewers exclusive discounts on your products.

Share Confidential Data

You can also share any unpublished, up-to-the-minute news on your brand or company. Promote your Instagram live event by stressing that attendees will be among the first to learn breaking information.

Get ready

When going live, it’s best to be ready for anything that could happen. Make up a rambling programme structure that will keep people interested. It’s an effective method of keeping your thoughts organised and making sure your point gets across.

Get Some Pregame Practise In

The smoothness of your program’s operation will increase dramatically with practise. It can help you get more comfortable in front of the camera and figure out how to enhance your live broadcast.

Interact With Your Audience

Cooperation is essential. Connecting with your target audience is essential, and Instagram Live is a fantastic tool for doing so.

Stick on some Question Marks

Put up a question sticker on your Instagram Live video so that viewers can ask you questions and get answers in real time.


It’s courteous to your viewers to take a moment out of the video to thank them for watching. Express your appreciation for their presence and single out specific individuals to single out for special recognition.

Engage Your Audience in the Conversation

One method to inject some life into a live video (such as an interview) is to have a few audience members join you. Adding incentives for the selected audience will increase interest.

Put It On Instagram Stories

You can extend the life of your live video by posting a replay to your Instagram Story. That way, even if some individuals weren’t able to attend, they can see the video after the fact.

Download the Video to Your Computer

Don’t forget to store your video locally. In this way, you may let your other accounts’ followers know about it and encourage them to check it out. The information can also be curated for use in other forms of media.