4 Useful Tricks To Increase Your Engagement Rate on Instagram

On Instagram, a good engagement rate is essential to growing your account. Every marketer should grow their account to reach a wider audience. The more your post and engagement, the more your videos go viral on Instagram. Everyone who uses Instagram should keep an eye on their engagement rate. 

If you have a huge following but a lesser engagement rate, people will not follow your Instagram account. Only with higher engagement, your content will go viral on the platform. IGTV is one of Instagram’s latest features that offer many great ways to increase your video engagement. Many brands and businesses buy Instagram TV like to increase the likes count of their IGTV videos. 

Many people are still wondering how to calculate engagement rate, and it is very easy to calculate. See your last ten posts and app likes, comments and save that you received. You can use these formulas to calculate your engagement rate on Instagram. 

(((Likes + Comments + Saves) / post)/followers)x100

You can apply this formula to know your engagement rate. If your engagement rate is very low, here are the four useful tips to boost your engagement rate on Instagram. 

1. Engage With Other Accounts

One of the best ways to get engagement on Instagram is to engage with another account. Comment to other posts or likes the post you enjoyed that will help you to receive more new audiences to your account. Collaborating with other accounts allows you to get followers to your Instagram account. It will automatically increase your followers count. Growing your followers is the best way to improve your engagement rate. Your engagement rate is the first thing people will see to follow your account. 

2. Create User Generated Content

Sharing UGC is a great way to boost your followers to engage with your content. UGC is content that is not created by brand or services. It is created by users. Posting UGC in your account makes your followers trust your brand. UGC not only builds trust with your brand but also it is used in multiple ways. Post UGC on your account and boost your followers to post your brand in their Instagram stories. Adding UGC to your Instagram marketing strategy will help you to reach your target audience. 

3. Add hashtags

Hashtags are the tool for getting your content in front of your target audience. Adding hashtags to your post helps you to get more traffic and increase your content reach. Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags in each post but to get good results for your content, use 7 to 9 hashtags in a post. Add relevant hashtags and boost your audience to see your content.

Analyze your niche and industry people and look at the hashtag they are using in their videos. Create a hashtag similar to your competitor to reach their followers and convert them to your followers.

You can include the content-related hashtags in your reels content which help to get maximum reach among the wider audience. Getting more likes for Instagram reels impress more viewers to apply their eyeballs towards your account. If you want more reels likes, buy Instagram reels likes will get higher visibility and followers drastically. 

4. Share Quality Content

Sharing high-quality content is one of the best ways to encourage your followers to interact with your content. Create educational videos to teach your audience and make the how-to video to drive more traffic to your account. You can share photos and videos and add effects and filters to create attractive videos to get more engagement for your posts. 

Always check your audio quality before posting uploading videos to your Instagram account. Remember, people always like to watch posts and videos of good quality. So make effective content and get more engagement for your videos from your potential followers. Follow the above four unique tips to increase your engagement rate on Instagram in 2021. 

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