The social media marketing big hitters like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest are well known to most organisations. However, Instagram is one of those up-and-coming platforms that has been quickly adopted by consumers but is still not quite one of the “big ones” in terms of marketing.

But things are beginning to shift. Instagram is quickly gaining popularity among marketers because of the unique opportunities it presents to showcase a brand’s culture and personality through behind-the-scenes looks, photos of the firm in action, and even lighthearted photos.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 Instagram marketing suggestions for new businesses to help you make the most of this exciting new social media network.

Provide a bio

Complete your profile just like you would on any other social networking platform, as laborious as it may be to do so before getting to the enjoyable stuff. Interested customers can reach out to you in a variety of ways if you include connections to your other social media profiles.

Image quality

Photos taken using a mobile device can be uploaded and shared on Instagram. However, this does not imply that they are of low quality. Do not post unclear or blurry photographs. Verify that they are a good fit for the role of company representative. Try out other picture editing apps, or experiment with Instagram’s filters, to find the one that best suits your needs.

Experiment with your photographs

You’re not restricted to just pictures here. Create a photo collage or add text with a photo editing tool. Images with these kinds of unusual details stand out from the crowd.

Narrate a tale

There are many interesting and successful Instagram photos that can be viewed on their own. However, a story told through a collection of photos might be just as compelling. One option is to present multiple perspectives of the same event or to document the progression of time and place through photographs. You might also display a variety of interconnected things. Take risks!

Avoid appearing pushy

Instagram is not the place to spam people with images of your wares. Instead, it’s a place to relax and show your audience more candid sides of you. Promoting your products on Instagram will only irritate your fans. Instead, you should be honest with them and work to build a rapport, as this is what will ultimately lead them to your website to make a purchase.

Go off-screen in the sixth spot

Gather your coworkers for some silly selfies around lunch or around the office. Post photos showing the preparations being made for an event. The public craves more transparency from businesses, so give it to them.

Focus your photo selections on a way of life

Posting images of employees with their families can reinforce the company’s image as a joyful, family-friendly place to work. Shots of cowboys and Americana might show that your organisation is hardworking and patriotic. Sell high-end products? Show off photos of luxurious hotel lobbies and faraway beaches. Images that effectively represent your brand will also resonate with your demographic.

Think outside the box while displaying your wares

We know we just warned you to not be pushy, but we can’t help ourselves. However, showcasing your goods in imaginative ways is not pushy. Find clever applications for one of your products, and then post pictures of others using it in amusing ways. Or tease with glimpses of exciting new products on the horizon. It won’t be seen as aggressive if it’s humorous enough.

Orient newly hired staff

The new guy is always a hit with the crowd. Put new and old coworkers’ names with faces using Instagram. Show how much fun the interns are having by introducing them to the audience.

Remember to use hashtags

Hashtags, like those used on other social networking sites, can be a powerful advertising strategy. Use well-known ones, or come up with your own. Get your fans involved by hosting a photo contest with a prize for the winner. This is a fantastic method for increasing interest in your business and encouraging interaction from your audience.

Don’t go crazy

It’s important to keep your fans updated with frequent photo posts, but try not to flood their feeds. Doing some research can help you decide how often to post. Find out how often your rivals are publishing, then start publishing at the same rate.

React to the feedback given

Customers on Twitter expect brands to acknowledge their feedback, even if it’s just to say “thanks,” just like they would on any other social media platform. Check the comments section on a regular basis, and participate further in the discussions you’ve started.

Highlight your loyal patrons

What better way to get people involved than to show off their own likeness? Naturally, you need their approval. Displaying your satisfied customers will attract more of the same quality.

Extend the reach of your Instagram photos by posting them elsewhere. Don’t limit yourself to just one platform for sharing your amazing photos! Show your non-Instagram followers what they’re missing out on by not following you on Instagram. More opportunities to interact with them are better. These ways to promote your company on Instagram. To incorporate Instagram to your social media marketing strategy, all you need to do is take a few pictures and write a few words. A fresh group of people have heard your message.