Because to its intuitive design and mobile-friendly interface, Instagram has always been primarily used on mobile devices. Nevertheless, managing several social media accounts across different applications on a mobile device is a major problem and gives a lot of chance for error whether you’re a social media marketer, business owner, or anybody who works in a social media position.

So, how can you minimise the time and effort spent on account administration and maximise the time spent on creating highly optimised content? Sharing images on Instagram through desktop computer.

That’s not a misprint. Instagram offered the ability to share content from a computer to improve the functionality of its desktop app. Directly from your computer, you may upload images, films, and carousels to share with the world. Imagine how much time you’ll save and how much more consistent you’ll be if you use Instagram Maker Studio to plan your posts. This is one of the advantages of desktop posting.

This article will tell you all you need to know about posting to Instagram from a computer, paving the path to more effective Instagram administration and, ultimately, more followers. So, let’s get down to business.

You may use your computer to make Instagram posts.

Instagram was initially released exclusively on the iPhone, but it soon became available on Android and other mobile platforms. Because of this, Instagram has never allowed users to publish from desktop browsers, instead insisting that they utilise the mobile app.

Instagram’s online version now includes the ability to share posts straight from a computer, making the app’s use more convenient for the ever-increasing number of content creators.

For What Reason Should You Use a Computer to Publish to Instagram?

Instagram is the fourth most downloaded app in the world, therefore it’s safe to assume that most users use the network through the mobile app to post content, interact with other users, or just mindlessly scroll through their feed.

Those having a full-fledged content calendar and seeking more complex capabilities that allow for batch-creating and scheduling content may find the mobile version cumbersome. Authors, entrepreneurs, and those in charge of social media accounts fall within this category.

So, the online version of Instagram is ideal for planning out your posting schedule if you’re generating material on a regular basis to publish to Instagram. Creating material and uploading videos to Instagram from a computer eliminates the need to juggle several accounts or transfer data between devices.

In addition to these benefits, uploading to Instagram from a desktop computer has these advantages:

  • When compared to posting from a mobile device, the convenience of posting from a computer includes the ability to create, edit, and publish your media all in one location, saving you time and space.
  • The desktop site provides a more roomy interface for posting preparation, including photo uploading, text editing, and captioning.
  • Your content publishing may be put on autopilot with the help of third-party scheduling software, allowing you to devote more time to content production.
  • In the end, the desktop version of Instagram offers convenience and efficiency that the mobile app lacks. You won’t have to worry about accidentally using the wrong device or account.

Using Your Computer to Share Photos on Instagram

Check out

The first step in learning how to post a photo to Instagram from a computer is to launch your favourite web browser. No matter what web browser you’re using, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Next, go to Instagram on your computer.

The first step is to sign in

Instagram’s primary page is where you’ll put in your login information. If you registered with your Facebook account, you may use it to log in as well.

If you’ve already logged in to the web version and your credentials have been preserved, you may just choose your username and login.

Create a new thread

A “+” button will appear if you look up to the right.

You may choose which desktop files to publish to Instagram

Use the choose from computer option to choose the file(s) you wish to upload to the platform. To upload photos or videos to Instagram, you may also use the drag-and-drop function. You’re allowed to include up to 10 media files in a carousel post.

Adjust the aspect ratio by clicking the corresponding icon in the lower left corner.

Instagram’s desktop uploader will automatically crop your photo or video to a square 1:1 ratio. Although Instagram’s video sizes vary, you should always make sure that the uploaded video or photo’s aspect ratio is correct.

Provide a description, tags, and geolocation

When you’ve finished the post, add a clever description, the appropriate hashtags, and your location to increase its exposure. Now that you have taken care of all of these specifics, you may upload videos to Instagram directly from your computer.

Upload and share your video or photo.

Finalize your check of all the information and then press the publish button to show your Instagram post to the world. Now, ta da, you’re all set.

The Value of Using a Desktop Computer for Instagram Posting

Advantages of Having Access to Top-Notch Editing Software

When you upload to Instagram from your computer, you can use all the power of your desktop to perfect your photos and videos before sharing them with the world. You may avoid the hassle of moving data between your phone and computer in order to publish the results of your work, without sacrificing the quality of your final products.

Ideal for Video Content

For 66% of Internet users, videos are the single most important source of information, making them a prime choice for marketing campaigns. Furthermore, people spend more time doing both due to the proliferation of short-form video content such as Instagram Reels.

The best way to make videos that get people’s attention is with the use of PC editing software, so that’s where you should focus your efforts if you want to increase your investment in video marketing. A desktop computer’s bigger display makes video editing a breeze.