Engaging with clients and luring in new ones with Instagram stories is a win-win. Hence, if you want to do something different on Instagram in 2023, using Instagram Stories for your company is a great idea.

What exactly are Instagram stories?

Instagram copied Snapchat’s most innovative feature and released its own version, Instagram Stories, which is a terrific way to share events as they occur without flooding your carefully selected feed with thousands of disposable photographs.

When should you utilise Instagram stories?

Presenting your business in the form of an Instagram story is a fantastic method to get the attention of current and future clients. There are already over 200 million users on this site, giving you a massive audience to work with. And if that Instagram post of yours happens to go viral, it will draw a lot of eyeballs to your company. Not only that, but your Instagram story may be found by individuals who aren’t already following you.

To reach a wider audience and get new supporters on this platform is a fantastic opportunity.

When is the best time to share your Instagram stories?

But, when it comes to Instagram stories, there is no need to think about the best moment to upload. You can only keep an Instagram story up for 24 hours, but it will always appear at the top of your followers’ feeds. If a consumer has been actively interacting with your tales by watching them on a regular basis, your stories will likely be prioritised in their feed. When compared to feed postings, the sequence in which stories appear is roughly chronological. Thus, the brand stories are more likely to show in chronological order if there are two brands with which your client has had comparable interactions/engagement in the prior few days.

In what ways might you advance your company by utilising Instagram stories?

Companies may benefit from their established Instagram followings by reaching out to their existing customers. Instagram has a significantly larger user base (nearly 100 million daily active users; update: 200 million), therefore your Instagram stories will reach a lot wider audience than those on Snapchat. There is already an established following for your content, and now there is a chance to broaden its reach. Snapchat content, however, needs to be marketed on other platforms on a regular basis if it is to reach an audience at all. The “Explore” button and the use of hashtags and geotags can help people find your Instagram account.

More exposure for your Instagram stories

With Instagram’s algorithm update, businesses have been rushing to boost their presence in users’ feeds. There is no longer a strict chronological order for the organic posts, much as on Facebook.

Now, a user’s Instagram news feed will be populated with content from accounts they have shown the most interest in.

The best practises for making commercial Instagram stories

Instagram makes it simple to create a narrative. To save your material, either swipe right on the home screen or click on the profile symbol in the upper left. Camera access may be requested from your device. For the video, press and hold the camera button for as long as you like (up to 10 seconds).

Instagram Stories may be recorded in a variety of ways:

Live: Broadcast your films to your followers in real time; they will disappear from Instagram after the broadcast is over.
Regular: Share an Instagram video or photo with the app’s default settings.
To send a short movie that loops both forward and backward, use the app Boomerang.
No manual intervention required, video may be recorded hands-free (tap to stop recording).

Regular, Boomerang, and Hands-free stories only persist for a day.

How to make the most of Instagram Stories for Marketing Purposes?

You now have a firm grasp on the function of Instagram Stories and the many upsides of incorporating them into your business’s marketing strategy. You probably want to know how to market your business or a product on Instagram, and you’re probably thinking about Instagram Stories right now.

Instagram Stories let you show off your imagination and attract new followers and customers. Nevertheless, this can only be accomplished with successful utilisation of Instagram stories.

While Instagram Stories have exploded in popularity among businesses, it is essential to have a clear plan for how you want to use Instagram Stories in order to maximise the benefits you derive from them.

Functions and applications of Instagram stories

Let’s check out a few of Instagram Stories’ best features to see how they may improve your experience.


Instagram Stories, unlike Snapchat Stories, allow you to include as much text as you wish with your photos and videos. You may begin typing by tapping anywhere on the screen. More so, unleash your creative side by playing with with font colours, sizes, and alignments.


In addition to standard emojis, Instagram lets you use a wide variety of editable stickers to spice up your posts. Each editable sticker, such as the location, weather, or posting time, has many settings that may be accessed simply tapping on the sticker itself. Accessory stickers like spectacles and hats are also available. For a short period, Instagram will provide seasonal stickers. Your photographs and movies can have as many stickers as you desire.

Draw and Filter

You may apply Filters to your Stories the same way you can to your normal Instagram photos. When taking a photo or recording a video, you may quickly choose between effects by swiping the screen to the left or right.

In addition to filters, you may indulge your creative side by pressing the marker symbol in the upper right corner and choosing between chisel-tip and neon brush tools. You may create whatever picture you like with one or more of these. It’s also possible to customise the line width and colour to suit your needs.