Instagram’s fame belies the fact that it can only be accessed via mobile devices. Is there any way to access it online, or to include it into a WordPress site? Here’s what you should do.


insta.SHOW is a plugin for WordPress that creates a slideshow from your Instagram feed. The Instagram account’s credentials must be entered. You may alter the text size and picture size, as well as select the number of photos to display, from the available configuration choices. Simply enter the shortcode “[instagram]” wherever you’d like the slideshow to appear, and it will do so automatically.


If you use WordPress and want a more robust Instagram plugin, check out Instapress. With Instapress, you can easily embed Instagram photos anywhere on your site. You may include them in a widget, a post, a page, or even your WordPress theme itself.

You may alter the settings of the widgets and shortcodes so that they work better for you. The great thing about Instapress is that it does not restrict you to just your own Instagram feed. You may choose to display popular feeds, feeds from certain persons, or photographs tagged with a certain word.

When the Instagram photos are shown in a blog post as a gallery, readers may click on individual photos to view them in greater detail. The photos from the event may be displayed in one convenient place.

Switch over to WordPress

Instagrate to WordPress offers a functionality that isn’t available anywhere on this list. The most exciting part is that you can set up Instagrate to work with WordPress before you even go out taking images. Instagram photos that capture a special moment in time can be turned into a blog article. Having a plugin like this available will be a huge help. No more manually grabbing images, uploading them to your site, and then publishing the whole shebang.

A major concern of mine was that all of my Instagram photos would end up here on my blog. The default post can be configured in the settings to be saved as a draught rather than automatically published.

Concluding Ideas

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, sharing photos of the locations you’ve seen strengthens the connection between you and your audience. Adding a slideshow of your most recent Instagram photos to your website’s sidebar or articles is another easy approach to increase information on your site.