As modern customers, we seldom stop to question the validity of the claims made in commercials, much alone evaluate their effectiveness. For some of us, commercials strike a deep emotional chord, and we buy the advertised goods without a second thought.

No of the topic at hand, we can all agree on one thing: marketing relies heavily on graphics. Instagram and other social media sites have made it possible for any company to sell its wares in a visually appealing way.

Instagram ads have a limited window of visibility, so it’s important to maximise their impact. Instagram Story ads, like those found on the app’s main feed, have only a few seconds to capture users’ attention and inspire them to take action.

Quickly process data

Visuals are processed 60,000 times quicker than text in the human brain. This is an important consideration when writing any kind of advertisement or promotional material. These days, commercials are written such that we can understand them without having to use much of our cognitive power. In reality, just half of your brain is needed to effectively comprehend pictures.

Instagram, at its core, consists of nothing more than fast scrolling through visual content while absorbing enough of it to create your own opinion. Once you learn the fundamentals of visual psychology, you’ll be able to advertise your products and business in whole new ways.

We feel different things when we see different colours.

What exactly are you trying to sell? To your customers, what would you say is your main point? Too frequently, Instagram content marketers and companies ignore these fundamentals and choose colour schemes that are inappropriate for their target audiences. It’s a shame, because adding some colour to your marketing materials is an easy method to make them more effective.

Think about the most well-known companies and what they stand for, then take a look at the hues they’ve selected to symbolise their brand. In contrast to green, which is generally linked with tranquilly, growth, or health, yellow is commonly connected with speedy convenience or inexpensive cost. Use a colour emotion guide as a resource while making your next advertisement.

Promote Textual Reading

Consider how a captivating photo on the front of a magazine or a novel’s first page might make you want to read the whole thing. Instagram and content marketing both benefit from this outlook.

Text will always be useful, no matter how commonplace pictures become. However, it may benefit from some visual help. Quicksprout reports that visual content generates more views and engagement than text-only material. This is something to think about while you continue researching ways to increase your Instagram following.

Your Logo Is Your Brand

The only thing more effective than offering an outstanding product or service is maintaining a consistent visual presence online. Getting people to pay attention to your ad is crucial, but you only have a few seconds. As your brand develops, you want to reach a point where people can identify it by its aesthetics alone, without needing a logo or words to guide them.

No pictures, no ads

Instagram is a fantastic place to experiment with visual formats and gauge audience reaction. Growing your Instagram following might be challenging if you don’t have compelling pictures to attract new followers. Keep these suggestions in mind to create a successful Instagram advertising strategy.