Instagram is currently one of the most widely used social media sharing platforms. There will inevitably be rotten apples when that happens, and Instagram is no exception. Your Instagram account might be hacked at any time due to the platform’s massive user base and the abundance of commercial opportunities it presents. For this reason, we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to keep your Instagram account safe from hackers.

A strong password and two-factor authentication are great first steps, but learning the fundamentals of Instagram and other social media sites will go a long way towards keeping your account secure. Instagram also has a responsive support staff that may assist with account restoration in the case of a hack.

Being a global social media network used by thousands, Instagram is susceptible to glitches and outages. There is no guarantee that you have been hacked if you have problems signing in or if you log in to a blank screen (no feed, white screen). If your account was compromised, you can experience the following problems.

My Instagram account was compromised; how can I get back in?

As a result of this awareness, social media sites regularly patch security gaps that hackers can use to access your account. However, hacking is still a possibility. Even if a hacker momentarily prevents you from accessing your account, there are several ways to recover. If you’ve been hacked, here’s what to do next.

Quickly take action

Google will notify you via email if your account is accessed from an unusual place, a new device, or under other questionable circumstances. By replying to the email and establishing that it was not you, you can restore access to a compromised account. Instagram will lock your account briefly and log the hacker out before he can do any permanent damage, such as deleting your email. However, you must take prompt action for this to be successful.

Substituting New Passwords

If you suspect your account has been compromised but can still access it, reset your password immediately. The security options also allow you to keep tabs on things like logins. To take extra precautions against hackers, you can sign out of all active sessions by clicking the “Suspect Logins” button. This will log out everyone, even the one who stole your password.

Password Reset if Lost

The forgotten password recovery procedure will still work even if the hacker has altered your password. If you try to log in with the correct credentials but are unable to because a hacker altered them, that’s a problem. When prompted, select the “Forgot Password” option. To access your account without entering your password, a login code and link will be sent to your email. As soon as you have access, you should reset your password and log out of any shared computers to eliminate any trace of unauthorised use.

Setting up a secure password is crucial.

All Instagram accounts, but especially those with a large number of followers, need a strong password that is changed at least twice a year. Instagram accounts are completely secure and can only be accessed with the correct password. Your Google, Facebook, or Instagram account may have been compromised.

This is why you should use a separate password for each service you use. In terms of account security, the most common mistake users make is to use the same password across many social media profiles. By doing so, you are effectively giving up control of all of your online accounts. If your social media accounts are compromised, the perpetrator will have access to all of your profiles, which might do considerable harm.

If your account was hacked into, you should change your password immediately. It’s also not a good idea to make changes to a compromised account, as the hackers who gained access to it will likely be able to guess your new credentials. Try to think of a more secure password that has nothing to do with the one you were using before. A good password should include upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation. Password security improves as complexity increases.

Implementing Two-Factor Authentication: A Necessity

With hackers posing a danger to every social media site, two-factor authentication is quickly becoming a must-have security measure. When logging in from a new computer or mobile device, 2FA will prompt you to input a verification number sent to your phone through text message. Most content makers on broadcast networks like Twitch are now required to regularly utilise two-factor authentication.

Simply go your Instagram profile and select the Settings tab to activate this option. Then, set the toggle switch next to “Two Factor Authentication” to “on.” If you haven’t already done so, input your phone number in the adjacent field, and then select the next button.


As Instagram’s popularity grows, so will the likelihood that it will be targeted by hackers. The best way to protect yourself against hackers is to take every precaution necessary to keep your account safe. Never open attachments from unknown senders, and use extreme caution when clicking on links in emails from strangers. Don’t approve an app until you’ve checked its legitimacy. Always remember the fundamentals discussed in this essay to protect yourself against hackers.