I say more power to you if you haven’t started using TikTok while in quarantine. For a while, I didn’t believe in this platform, but I have to say: it’s incredibly addicting in the best possible ways. Even if you don’t find your niche (dance Tiktok, activist Tiktok, beauty Tiktok, beans Tiktok), you’ll end up learning something new. The music! It’s also essentially a comedy show that’s free for as long as you can swipe, or until you get a Netflix-style warning telling you to be responsible and stop watching. Guilty.

Why do advertisers choose TikTok?

More than 2 billion downloads put TikTok in the lead for most popular social media app. TikTok can be a breath of fresh air for people in this pandemic world who are looking for creative and entertaining ways to connect with one another.
TikTok does not disclose its user base, but reports show that its demographic is shifting from Generation Z to Millennials, with 67% of users being under the age of 29. About 65% of their MAU (monthly active users) are American.

Also, reasonable prices can be expected. The cost per click on TikTok is roughly the same as that of Facebook ads at $1.00.

TikTok advertisement setup in 5 easy steps

There are three tiers to the TikTok advertising system: campaigns, ad groups, and individual ads. In this article, I will explain how to make each of these for your TikTok advertisements.

Set up business account

If you want to use TikTok for your business, you need to set up a separate account, even if you already have a personal account. Before, only approved businesses could run ads on the platform, but now anyone can join and immediately begin promoting their products and services.

Launch an advertising campaign

TikTok will automatically take you to the campaign creation page once you log in. You’re in luck. You can always return to the main menu by clicking the “Campaign” button if you want to take a look around before you start. This site really is dead easy (and stripped down to the essentials), so you won’t get lost.

Make sure you give your campaign a name and enter a budget in the settings. TikTok’s ability to quickly launch a creative split test at the campaign level is a real plus.

Purposes of Advertising

Starting with awareness, a reach campaign is your best bet for increasing exposure at the very top of the sales funnel. A branding campaign’s sole purpose is to expose your brand to as many people as possible; it will not include a call to action.

Select an ad group

Everything starts functioning now. Ad placements, specifics, costs, billing, and external tracking can all be adjusted here. The specifics of your advertisement will change depending on the goals of your campaign, but in general, they shouldn’t be too complicated. Ad details, for instance, should specify whether users are being directed to a website or an app and which specific page they should visit once they get there if “traffic” is the selected objective.


Ad placement on TikTok is flexible, but only for specific types of campaigns. Like Facebook, TikTok allows advertising across its “family of apps,” which includes BuzzVideo, Pangle, and News Republic. However, these apps are more effective when targeting users outside of the United States. You can either let TikTok’s algorithm determine where your ads will appear across these apps, or you can choose a specific location for each ad. You can visit TikTok’s site for further information.

I don’t entirely disagree with the criticisms levelled at TikTok’s audience targeting, or lack thereof. Similar to the advertisement manager, the targeting features are simplistic. All you have to go on are gender, age, location, and language to narrow in on a specific audience.

Make your TikTok commercials

Have no fear if your company lacks a creative department, an outside creative agency, or a videographer. When making an advertisement on TikTok, the company will walk you through the steps and help you along the way.

For details, see the attached screenshot. The absolute best part about making TikTok ads is that the platform can automatically generate a video with an appropriate soundtrack based on the content you upload.

Facilitate payment and invoicing

Just a few more steps and you can relax. To begin advertising on TikTok, simply enter your billing information and make a payment.

Statistics for your TikTok commercials

If you run ads on TikTok, you can view the results for the time period you specify in a dashboard. You can customise the dashboard to show only the metrics that are relevant to you by filtering by objectives (such as CPM or CPC) and other settings you applied to your ad group. To top it all off, TikTok allows report export. This is a great tool to have if you need to prove to your CMO that your TikTok ads are performing well with sports and car-loving users.

Making individualised reports is another option to facilitate weekly reporting. These can either start with one of TikTok’s provided templates or be made from scratch. A small sample of the metrics and dimensions at your disposal follows.

You can finally relax. You can immediately begin advertising on TikTok after entering your billing information and making a payment.