Hashtags on TikTok are a hot topic, with many users wondering how they fit into the app’s mysterious ranking system.

Obviously, this is the case. TikTok is largely defined by its use of hashtags.

TikTok’s Discover tab is sorted by trending and popular hashtags, making it a great free resource for finding the best hashtags (more on this later) to use in your own videos.

TikTok’s hashtags function in the same way as Instagram’s. The purpose of these tools is to make it easier for users to find and discuss relevant content, as well as to search for it.

You can increase your profile visibility and interaction on TikTok by using hashtags. Furthermore, they aid in reaching not just more, but the right audience on TikTok.

A few advantages of using hashtags in your TikTok strategy are as follows:

Discoverability is the primary value of TikTok hashtags.
Imagine if every time you posted to TikTok, you were exposed to a brand new pool of potential followers.

The use of hashtags makes this possible

When you use TikTok hashtags, your content will be seen by a much larger audience. As opposed to sharing your content exclusively with your followers, you can now make it visible to people who are actively looking for it.

Using popular hashtags can also get your posts pulled onto Discovery pages, where they will be seen by millions.

To build a community, which is the second benefit of using hashtags on TikTok

By tagging your videos and profiles with relevant hashtags, you’re not only helping the TikTok algorithm better categorise your content, but you’re also building a sense of community around your videos and profiles.

TikTok’s For You page, like Instagram’s Explore section, learns to recommend videos based on what users like. TikTok will distribute your videos to users who frequently view videos using the hashtags you choose.

More and more people will follow you, like your posts, and comment on them if you use those hashtags frequently. What’s even better? You’re building an audience of people who genuinely care about what you have to say!

In addition, you can make and use your own branded hashtags. This is a fantastic method of aggregating and disseminating content on TikTok created by its users.

Benefit #3: Joining In On Trends By Using TikTok Hashtags

Because of how quickly things change on TikTok, it’s important to keep tabs on the platform’s hottest trends. Take part in the fun if a popular hashtag relates to your company.
It’ll show that you’re up on the latest trends and ready to join the party.

But before you get carried away with your TikTok hashtags, keep in mind that you should always use appropriate and factual hashtags.

Using popular hashtags at random may help you gain traction quickly, but it could hurt your company’s credibility in the long run. TikTok may also remove your videos if they determine that the hashtags you’ve used are inappropriate.

TikTok TikTok Hashtags: Contests Based on Trending Hashtags

Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have seen their fair share of viral challenges, such as the #icebucketchallenge and the #mannequinchallenge, but TikTok has taken the concept to a whole new level.

TikTok branded hashtag challenges are a fantastic way for businesses to rapidly increase their number of followers and exposure to potential customers.

A branded hashtag challenge can go viral even without official sponsorship. The beauty of TikTok is that even unfiltered content can suddenly go viral and amass millions of views.

Finding the Best Hashtags for Your Content on TikTok

Having discussed TikTok hashtags and hashtag challenges, we can move on to the meat of the matter: determining which hashtags will work best for your particular piece of content.

This article will cover the five most important things to remember when searching for appropriate hashtags:

1. Strike a Middle Ground Between General and Specific Hashtags

It’s not always easy to gauge how specific or general your hashtags should be.

Although it’s a good idea to get specific with your hashtags, it’s not a good idea to get too niche. The focus of a hashtag should always be on the user’s actual needs.

2. Check Out What Hashtags Are Hot On TikTok

TikTok’s user interface makes it simple to find the latest trending hashtags.

TikTok’s Discover tab is the place to find out what’s popular.
Here you can scroll through and check out what’s popular; it’s a good idea to get in on the action, as lots of other people are probably doing the same thing.

TikTok Tip #4: Browse Related Hashtags

If you want to expand your TikTok audience, all you have to do is look for relevant hashtags.

You can do this by using TikTok’s search bar to look for your hashtag.
Repetition is the mother of testing (5th)

Just to wrap things up

Keep track of the videos you upload and the number of views they receive over time, noting the hashtags you used.

It’s important to experiment with hashtags on TikTok videos to see which ones get the most views; this is where your account’s level of experimentation comes in handy.