What to Share on Instagram: 6 Post Ideas That Will Help You Increase Sales

If it feels as though Instagram is unavoidable these days, that is because it is. The social media behemoth has more than a billion monthly members, with 90% of them following at most one business. Needless to say, having an Instagram profile for your brand is prudent.

A corporate Instagram account may seem necessary, but they are also time-consuming. To have your followers interested and your brand consistent, you must update frequently – at least a couple times per week. Also, you can buy automatic real Instagram likes to maximize engagement and grab even more audience attention. With so much posting, you’re likely to need a strong social media coordinator (or team!) to have your content geese in a row.

On Instagram, what to post

1. Testimonials

The term “influencer” has quickly evolved from a sort of amusing term to a real profession. Influencing sales is a fact of life. Individuals are truly interested in the activities of others, and we appreciate a recommendation.

And even if you’re not ready to recruit a few socially competent people who shine in front of the camera, you can always rely on endorsement and customer reviews from other folks – whether they’re a possibly the best celebrity, industry expert, or regular joe. Sweetgreen publishes information on a daily basis that highlights chef favourites from their eateries. This accomplishes several things:

It demonstrates social evidence. It indicates that Sweetgreen is frequented by specialists in their industry (chefs with extremely developed taste buds! ), implying that the cuisine must be of the highest quality and delectable.

It satisfies inquisitiveness. What do successful, creative individuals consume at Sweetgreen? You are now aware.

It’s significantly more engaging than a generic product advertising. Having another person praise your product and add their own perspective adds flavour to the text.

There are numerous ways to incorporate endorsement-related content into your marketing strategy that will captivate your audience. Consider how you can leverage your existing customer base to promote, review, and recommend your brand on Instagram.

2. Freebies

Let’s face it: Everyone enjoys freebies.

It’s a well-known fact that the term “free” is extremely persuasive, and many marketers utilise it in their pitch to pique buyers’ interest. That is why freebies and giveaways have grown in popularity as a promotional strategy.

By giving your product, you increase the number of people interested to try your brand. It’s a chance to expand brand awareness and entice buyers to try your goods before making a purchase. Additionally, it minimizes the impact of trying something different.

Consider Retrospec, who just gave away a much desired paddleboard in order to keep their following interested and engaged.

Due to the fact that individuals love free items, this sort of post frequently goes viral, bringing additional followers eager for a chance at winning. If you want to make everyone feel special, you can even provide all entrants a discount.

A note of warning: not everybody who enters your contest will be a fan of your brand. While the engagement could be high, you’ll almost certainly notice a decline in following once the campaign ends. That’s acceptable—those who go are probably not a good choice for your intended audience, while those who are will remain.

3. Photographs of everyday life

If you’re selling a service rather than a commodity, consider using lifestyle content.

When you create an environment that reflects your followers’ (or potential followers’) lifestyle, your business feels more authentic. Concentrate on your potential customer, not on your offering.

For instance, Sotheby’s International Realty utilizes lifestyle photos to demonstrate the type of service they offer. However, the goal is not to sell real estate, but to offer a lifestyle that is sophisticated, comfortable, and luxury.

Lifestyle photographs might assist individuals in imagining how they could feel following an interaction with your brand. If their needs and sensitivities align with that lifestyle, this post idea could easily contribute to better business.

4. Quotes of inspiration

Everybody has times when they need to motivate themselves. When you’re in need of a quick boost, the proper inspirational phrase can do wonders for your mood.

While inspirational content does not necessarily immediately contribute to sales, it does assist demonstrate your brand’s beliefs. Additionally, it has a greater chance of going viral, as people enjoy sharing stuff that matches their own ideals.

Below, SoulCycle shares an idea that will undoubtedly cause you to pause as you go through your page. Short, pertinent quotations like this might serve as an inspiration to your community.

Sometimes simple is best — and then when it pertains to Instagram, keep brand loyalty in mind first and foremost. If consumers are inspired by your brand, they will remember you.

5. Brand accomplishments

Your brand’s storey is significant to your customers, as is your success.

By sharing your brand’s accomplishments, you establish trust and strengthen loyalty, which frequently results in sales, support, or donations. When it is about investing decisions, reputation is critical, and your accomplishments demonstrate that you are a successful firm.

The World Wildlife Fund frequently showcases its achievements on Instagram, demonstrating to its supporters and fans that their financial contributions are being put to good use. This type of content has a dual purpose: it boosts followers’ feeds with positive news stories and promotes the brand’s efforts.

Success can take many forms – brand growth, new products, customer growth, and humanitarian endeavours — so keep a close eye out for possibilities to tell your storey on Instagram. You may be astonished at how effectively you can visually depict the success of your brand.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to strengthen your followers’ trust and loyalty. Sharing the success of your brand will enhance your image and impress potential buyers.

6. Time-sensitive promotions

As social creatures, humans have a natural aversion to missing something significant. Marketers should capitalise on FOMO (fear of missing out). A limited-time sale, coupon, or discount is an example.

Consider Nékter. This franchise understands how to leverage sales to generate interest and drive repeat business. How are they able to achieve this? Captions that are descriptive, a clear offer, and bright, detailed images all contribute to an attractive offer.

Nothing stymies action more than indecision. Conduct your promotions for a little period to ensure that your followers understand when and how to act. If you constantly conduct sales, your customers will adjust and come to expect continual discounts. Rather than that, give customers the impression that they’re receiving a good deal by buying now.

Utilize attractive pictures to promote your offer, and then provide a specific deadline to boost the sense of urgency.

Significant takeaway

Instagram has developed into a formidable marketing medium over the last few years, providing firms with new options to increase sales. Investing in the appropriate kind of post ideas is indeed a calculated move toward influencing the purchasing process.

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